Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15--"Epilogue"


It has been our greatest pleasure to be able to provide and facilitate the many experiences written about in this blog. Parents, be proud of these fine young students! Their intense interest in the numerous subject matters discussed, their love of our veterans and their willingness to open their hearts and minds to new cultures and ideas was a joy to witness. America is safe in the hands of this next generation. It is our sincere wish that the experiences shared during these momentous two weeks will remain with them throughout their lives.

Cristy and Ray Pfeiffer - Tour Directors
Historic Tours, Inc.

Many thanks to our driver who took us on our journey, Alain.

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  1. Dr. Davis sent me a DVD about a past trip made. I loaned it to one of "The Greatest Generation" friend of mine and it brought tears to his eyes when he returned it to me. He suggested I copy it and I will not do that: however I would be glad to purchase one or make a donation for ine if you could advise me how this could be done. The one I have is Spring, 2009. Please respond and thank you for such a work that CofO is doing in this great nation! Jack Hane