Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 2--“Lovin’ them came easy”

Coming to the day of our departure I was excited, but could still not believe this was actually happening. It became reality when we met Mr. Albert Schultz and Ralph “Jumping” Manley at the Springfield Airport. It was amazing how soon I bonded with them. Ralph is so thankful for everything and Albert is just the sweetest gentleman.

For me, this was my first experience in an airport and flying. When boarding the plane to Atlanta my nerves set in, but were quickly taken away when I took a seat next to Mr. Schultz. The whole fight to Atlanta we continuously checked on each other, talked about anything and everything, and just overall developed a bond. In Atlanta, we met up with the remaining three veterans and how inviting they were! I can truly say I love them all so much already. Mr. Schultz also sat with me on the way to Paris; for eight hours he played the caring grandpa toward me and I played the curious grandchild, asking questions and listening to him. We made it safely to the beautiful city of Paris and so the life changing adventure begins.

Michelle Boillot

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